Mimicry is a playful installation displaying a series of computer graphics portraits slotted in antique looking wooden frames. As someone approaches the screen, the characters come to life and mimic the viewer’s expressions.

The project demonstrates how real-time motion capture technology, interaction design, and motion graphics can be combined to evoke human expressiveness in digital avatars, bringing computer-mediated communication closer to real life.

Mimicry was produced through a collaboration between the Media Design of the Design Master program at Geneva University of Art and Design – Geneva, the Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory (LGG) at EPFL and Faceshift AG.

A first version of Mimicry was exhibited in the Swiss Game Lounge at the House of Switzerland United Kingdom 2012, during GDC 2013 at the swissnex Gamegazer exhibit in San Franciscp, for the UCLA Gamelab festival organised by Eddo Stern at the Hammer museum  in Los Angeles. It is currently visible at the Basel SpielzeugMuseum in Riehen at the Play exhibit and in Moscow until september at the poly technical museum for the GAME exhibit.

Design and programming :
Emilie Tappolet, Raphaël Muñoz (HEAD – Genève)

Real-time facial motion capture technology :
Thibaut Weise, Brian Amberg (Faceshift AG),
Prof. Mark Pauly, Sofien Bouaziz (LGG, EPFL)