Mimicry in Moscow for GAME exhibit

Mimicry is presented until september at the polytechnical museum in Moscow for the GAME exhibit organsied by the Dublin Science Gallery


Mimicry @ Riehen Spielzeug Museum for Press Start to Play exhibit

They were created in laboratories and universities during the 60s, took over arcades, then living rooms and finally also museums. Video games have been with us for more than 50 years.
It is time to take a closer look at a medium that makes more revenue than the film industry and is used by more than 80 percent of Swiss youth.
«Press Start to Play – Experience Video Games» of-fers insight into one of the most popular media around today.
With the help of game controllers from the earliest video games until today it will become clear how rap-id developments in technology, the media lands- cape and society have changed the way we play with the computer.
The exhibition is a journey through time from the present back to the very beginning of the video game. On display are mile- stones in the development of controllers, technology and of cultural significance.
In the permanent exhibition, you can discover video games as well as videos that, in terms of the idea and content, are a natural extension of classical games.

GDC 2013 – Swissnex Gamegazer Exhibit

Mimicry was presented during the GDC 2013 at the swissnex exhibit “Gamegazer”.The new addition to our gallery, the landscape painting:  a new exiting interaction proposal.

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  • IMG_0457
  • IMG_0454
  • IMG_0451
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  • IMG_0445

“L’informatique de A à Z” Exhibit


The last version of the project, featuring three interactive paintings is presented from the 22nd of octobre in the BC building of the EPFL.

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  • _DSC0172
  • _DSC0021
  • _DSC0149
  • _DSC0122
  • _DSC0110

House of Switzerland – London

In July 2012, the installation was first presented in the House of Switzerland during the Olympics in London. The two first interactive paintings of the series where part of the installation